Blogmas #9: Harry Potter Themed Shop in Edinburgh



Last weekend I went to Edinburgh to visit the Christmas market because it’s one of my favourite places during winter time! It is so magical and festive! Before going there in the evening, I decided to have a stroll in the city centre just to see what has changed for the 3 years I’ve been living in Glasgow. I am so glad I did because I stumbled upon “Museum context” which is a Harry Potter themed gift shop and it was absolutely amazing!

Everything in the shop looks more like a really cool exhibition rather than a normal shop. They have created gorgeous displays which transport you to the magical world of wizardry and witchcraft! I strongly recommend dropping by if you are ever in Edinburgh. It is located on 40 Victoria street which is a street right next to Grassmarket. Yes, the beautiful one with the colourful buildings! I love it there!

I am going to stop writing now because words can’t do justice. It’s a lot better to look at some of the pictures I took!





Let’s play some magic chess!


Soooo cute and fluffy!

Smiles and pandas,



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