Brain Freeze by Tom Fletcher [Book Review]

Hey 🙂

Tom Fletcher is slowly but surely becoming one of my all time favourite authors and I want to tell everyone about him! His stories are always so witty, adventurous and educational which makes them perfect for both kids and adults. 91+ieeWzxpL

“Brain freeze” was published for World Book Day and I am more than glad Tom decided to participate by sharing with us this utterly cute story about a small girl called Izzy who accidentally discovers one night that eating ice cream from her grandpa’s old ice cream van gives her the power to travel through time.

Doesn’t this sound absolutely amazing?

She literally gives herself brain freezes by eating straight from the tap and goes on crazy adventures through time. She even makes a stop in Ancient Egypt where Tutankhamun buys a cone from her. After realising the immense powers she has acquired, she decides to go back in time to visit someone important for the last time.

“Brain freeze” is a funny, heartwarming story which I fully recommend. You won’t regret it!

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