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Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn [Book Review]


Hey 🙂

How are you? I’m feeling kind of lost because I finished my third year at university and my everyday life seems empty to a certain extent. Do you know what I mean? I spend my days reading and writing but it feels like it’s not enough. Have you been in a similar situation yourself?

Today I wanted to tell you a bit more about Undercover princess by Connie Glynn – a book I knew nothing about when I picked it up but the cover was just so gorgeous I couldn’t say no (yes, I know, it’s bad but what can I do when covers just speak to me…).

The book follows two girls – Lottie Pumpkin (the cutest family name!!!) and Ellie Wolf – who attend a very fancy boarding school in the English countryside where apparently many nobles come to study without revealing their true identity. Ellie is doing just that. Despite being the princess of Maradova, she despises the royal life and wants to stay away from it. That’s why she plans the perfect disguise! It helps a lot that by some weird accident everyone in the school thinks Lottie is the undercover princess and Ellie just goes with it.

Lottie actually ends up being recruited to be an official protector of the princess and they get to have so many crazy adventures! Plots, twists and turns. Bad ass princesses. The true cost of friendship. All of that combined with a boarding school setting. Sounds perfect to me!

It almost felt like watching a Disney movie so if you’re a crazy fan like myself, then give the book a go. It’s a quick and fast paced read – perfect for the summer.

Goodreads: here

Amazon: buy here

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