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Travel Diary: Quiet Sunday on Isle of Bute


Hey 🙂

It’s Sunday when I’m writing this and I was randomly looking through my photos when I came across some forgotten ones from last September. My mom and little sister were visiting me at the time and I wanted to show them the glory of the beautiful and wild Scottish isles. Somehow we couldn’t get a ferry to go to Isle of Arran so Isle of Bute was our back up plan. In retrospect I am so glad the original plan didn’t work out because Isle of Bute is a hidden gem!


I am not going to lie – the ferry journey was amazing but so cold! Standing outside to take this photo was a struggle but so worth it. It was so peaceful and quiet. Almost like no humans existed.

Rothesay Castle from 13th century
The streets of Rothesay
Rothesay Bay

I guess during the summer when the temperatures are a bit higher Bute is actually crowded with tourists but on a Sunday morning in late September this wasn’t the case. Most of the time we were the only people walking around Rothesay – the village where the ferry stops. I was able to actually feel the village welcoming us.

Then we decided to head off and visit Mount Stuart House which is a Victorian Neo-Gothic mansion from the 19th century with beautiful architecture, stunning gardens and a breath-taking view over the sea!

Green Heaven
My little sister and I obviously enjoying the beautiful nature around us

The library in the mansion was more than amazing! I am not joking when I say that I spend at least 10 minutes there just soaking up the bookish atmosphere. It was magical and it reminded me so much of the library in Beauty and the Beast. What do you think?

Beauty and the Beast
Getting lost in books has a completely different meaning here
Afternoon tea at its finest!

I would love to go back one day again and spend the day in the gardens just reading and trying to lose myself in the labyrinths.

Have you been to Scotland? If not, Isle of Bute is something you shouldn’t miss as it is very underrated but has so much to offer!

Smiles and pandas,



2 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Quiet Sunday on Isle of Bute

  1. Hello Krisi!
    Wow this sounds like such a wonderful trip. I loved your photos, especially the ones of the library which absolutely reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. You’ve definitely made me want to go to Scotland!

    Liked by 1 person

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