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May Wrap Up: Read and Loved

May Wrap Up

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Hey ✨

How are you? It’s already been a month since my 3rd year at university finished and I can’t believe how fast time flies! I relaxed enough and now I am ready to tackle all of my summer goals which I’m thinking of sharing with you in another post soon.

Today I want to tell you everything about the books I managed to read in May. I didn’t read a lot in the first half of the month because of my exams but once I was done with them I dived in non-stop (almost!) reading 😊.




💫 The care and feeding of a pet black hole was SO AMAZING! I’m not kidding when I say it was probably one of the most refreshing and original books I’ve read recently. No, scratch that. Ever! The concept of a pet black hole is so adorable that now I want to have one! I know, I know, it’s absurd but it is so freaking cool! A review will be up soon because I want to share some amazing quotes with you.


💫 Stargirl was also SO AMAZING! I don’t know why I am only hearing now about it but I am so glad I found it in a charity shop because this book is such a gem. It follows the story of Stargirl – the odd girl who used to be home-schooled, wears weird outdated clothes, smiles at everyone and seems like she doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. I related to her so much and that’s why I loved her story. If you like truly odd and remarkable characters, then definitely go for Stargirl.


💫 Undercover princess was a fun and quick read but not really memorable. It kind of reminds me of a Disney Channel Movie so if you like those, then read this one.

Review here


💫 The house with chicken legs surprised me so much! I didn’t expect it to be that good but it was. I loved the fact that it is inspired by Russian folklore because I am Eastern European and it makes me so happy to see cultures similar to mine represented in books.


💫 Inside out and back again opened my eyes about a historical event I didn’t know a lot about before I read the book – the war in Vietnam. The story follows a little girl named Ha and her daily struggles of trying to fit in a world that’s so different from hers. She escapes with her family to America in search of a better life but nothing is easy in the new country. A very important read! Also, it’s written in verse which I really enjoyed.



BeFunky-collage (3)

💫 The little bookshop on the Seine is the perfect book for us bookworms because it takes place in a vintage bookshop in Paris. If this is not the dream, then I don’t know what is. I highly recommend reading the book in December and I promise you it will put you into a holiday mood right away!


💫 The poet X is a book I really wanted to love but I just couldn’t connect with the main character – Xiomara. I tried and I tried but I failed. Despite that, the book is beautifully written in verse and it sounds like open poetry. Maybe I’ll try to read it again in the future.


💫 I have a thing for Jenny Han’s books! They are so fast paced and addictive that I just fly through them. That happened with the Burn for Burn trilogy as well with the slight difference that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected to. It is intriguing and addictive, yes, but most of the time it felt overly dramatic, vindictive and full of really bad advice. Also, I didn’t anticipate the supernatural element.




BeFunky-collage (1)

💫 Ikigai was everything I needed it to be at that point of my life! I was in dire need of some reminding and motivation to continue living the way I find best. The book focuses on finding your ikigai – or as the Japanese put it your reason to wake up every morning – and it gives advice on how to actually do it. One of the best non-fiction books I’ve read recently.


💫 No more plastic is an amazing introduction into the world of single use plastic and plastic over consumption. It provides enough evidence and shocking statistics which for some reason are not distributed more widely to the public. People should be informed and educated on matters like this one because it concerns our home. The home which takes care of us every single day relentlessly and we need to take actions to protect it!



Let’s talk with each other! I am always looking for new friends and you’d make me so happy if you leave a comment.

What was the best book you read in May? And what do you think about our problem with plastic?

Smiles and pandas,



One thought on “May Wrap Up: Read and Loved

  1. Oh I’m sorry you didn’t connect with the character in The Poet X – I have heard great things about this book and the way it’s written, too. I’m still curious to give it a try someday though 😀
    I hope you’ll have a fantastic June! x


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