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☀️ My Summer Goals ☀️

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by Freepik

Hey ☀️

How are you? Have you thought about your summer plans already?

I love lists! It’s a problem, I know but I find them so motivating and they actually help me to stay on track! That’s why I decided to write down everything I want to achieve this summer so I can have it as a challenge list for myself. I have 3 months off university and I don’t want to spend it doing nothing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get an internship in my field which made me feel really sad and unworthy but I’ll try to do my best not to waste the time I have.



✨ Post 2 times a week – maybe Monday and Wednesday ⌨️

✨ Write 5 reviews – I find it very difficult to write reviews and that’s why I want to change that 📖

✨ Make more friends – I’m here because I want to meet other amazing people so please say hello and comment if you feel like it 🐳


✨ Film 2 times a week – I have a channel in my native language (Bulgarian) and I would love to be more active there

✨ Film a review every week – I just want to talk more about books

✨ More creative content – Hauls, Wrap ups etc get repetitive after a while and I just to want spice up  my channel a bit (maybe a reading routine or what’s in my bag book edition)


✨ Visit Brighton – I’ve been wanting to go there for the past couple of years and I can finally do it in July!

✨ Visit 5 sights from the National Trust of Scotland – I am a member and as one I get to visit places for free so I want to take advantage and explore as much as I can.

✨ Visit Dundee – one of the few bigger Scottish cities I haven’t visited yet


✨ Meet Sasha Alsberg – Yaaay, she’s coming to Glasgow in July and I just can’t wait to meet her. She’s one of my favourite booktubers whom I’ve watched since the very beginning and I am so excited to meet her in person. (I’ll need to read Zenith before that)

✨ Complete 5 online courses – I love learning and I am so thankful that online courses exist. You can do them for free and improve yourself. I am a bit geeky, I know but free education is amazing and not everyone has access to it.

✨ Complete the Spanish course on Duolingo – Spanish is one of my favourite languages and I would love to be able to speak it.

✨ Read 20 science papers – I love reading science papers and I want to create a diary where I collect all the interesting research I’ve read.

✨ Smile even more – it’s contagious and it makes us happy so why not?


What are some of your goals? I would love to know!

Smiles and pandas,


7 thoughts on “☀️ My Summer Goals ☀️

  1. Ужасно ми харесват целите ти! Ще чакам равносметка и пожелавам да успееш с всяко едно нещо.
    Мисля да ти копирам идеята за пост 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ооо с нетърпение ще чакам поста! ❤ Много ти благодаря за пожеланието. И аз се надявам да успея, тъй като не са страшно много 🙂


  2. Привет, Криси! Много ми харесаха целите ти, даже ме амбицира да задам такива и за себе си. И аз искам да пиша повече тук, така че може би направо ще седна и ще ги запиша като теб :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Йееее, чакам с огромно нетърпение да видя публикацията ❤ И сега само остава да се подкрепяме и в изпълнението им 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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