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Best Books I read in July


Hey guys 🙂

How are you? Autumn is definitely coming to Glasgow. It’s been getting colder recently and the rain has arrived. I am not complaining at all since autumn is my favourite season. There is something very cosy and homey about it! Perfect time for rewatching Gilmore Girls.

Today I wanted to share with you the best books I read in July.

Ban this book – Alan Gratz

That was probably one of the cutest books I’ve read in a while. It is all about book censorship and this group of middle grade kids who decide to fight it by creating their own secret library and speaking up to adults about how stupid banning books is. I have a review as well if you want to read it here

Goodreads here

American panda – Gloria Chao

American panda was so adorable and funny that it’s surely become one of my favourite contemporary novels. It follows Mei who is Taiwanese but was born and raised in America. Her parents are very strict and conservative and they want to send her to the best university so she can become a doctor there. Overachieving parents at their finest. Mei, however, has a germ phobia and becoming a doctor sounds like a nightmare. The book is all about the clash between two very different cultures and the struggle to find your own path.

Goodreads here

Made in abyss – Akihito Tsukushi

If you are a beginner in the world of manga and you’re looking for something cute and fun then definitely give this one a go. The story is about a mysterious abyss which has 7 levels with their own flora and fauna. People have been trying to explore it for decades but coming back to the surface has always been a problem because of physiological symptoms upon ascension. Headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and even death awaits those who decide to return. An the deeper you go, the harder it becomes to come back.

Goodreads here

Moonstruck – Grace Ellis

This graphic novel was just cuteness overload! I absolutely adored the art style which made all of the characters feel so real. The story follows several mythical and magical creatures in a town of their own. One day a villain appears and weird things start to happen. Creatures are disappearing. Magic shows pop up. What is going on? The first volume doesn’t give many answers but hopefully the next one will.

Goodreads here

What was the best book you read in July?




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