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🎃Halloween Recommendation🎃 : The House with Chicken Legs


Hey guys ✨

It’s 1 week till Halloween and I would love to start with some spooky posts 🕷 I am thinking of doing lots of recommendations, reviews, fun tags and maybe a post about interesting things about Halloween like history and different celebrations throughout the world. Ahhh I am actually really excited 🤩

So, today’s post would be a quick review of this absolutely adorable and unique middle grade book about Baba Yaga 🧙‍♀️

The House with Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson


The books follows 12 year old Marinka who just wants her life to be normal and her house to stay in the same place for longer than a couple of weeks at a time. And if the universe is listening, then maybe a friend as well. Unfortunately, her house has chicken legs (yep, you read it correctly) and it moves in the middle of the night without any warning whatsoever. Running to a new foreign place where Marinka would be just as miserable as before.

Her grandmother is a Yaga or also known as Baba (meaning grandma) Yaga in Slavic culture. Yaga is a guardian whose job is to lead dead souls into the afterlife and help them accept their fate by moving on. Marinka is trained to follow the family tradition and keep the craft alive. This means no school, no friends, no parties, no staying in the same place because they risk exposure. However, Marinka just wants to be normal. When she stumbles upon a boy and his baby lamb, she breaks all the rules and befriends him. Consequences await though. Her grandma disappears and it’s up to Marinka with the help of the house to try and save the old Yaga.

A little bit about Baba Yaga. She’s not exactly a witch. At least not in the way Western civilisation perceives them. Yagas don’t have black cats or flying brooms. They are more of a spiritual guardians of the afterlife who keep the balance between the worlds. Sometimes parents use them to scare little children so they go to bed on time because if they don’t behave well Baba Yaga would come and take them away. My grandma used to scare me a lot when I was younger hahaha. It is Slavic countries where this tale is told (like Russia or my home country Bulgaria).

If you like

  • Russian folklore
  • Middle grade books
  • Fun adventures

then this book is definitely for you!


Happy reading,


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