Brain Freeze by Tom Fletcher [Book Review]

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Tom Fletcher is slowly but surely becoming one of my all time favourite authors and I want to tell everyone about him! His stories are always so witty, adventurous and educational which makes them perfect for both kids and adults. 91+ieeWzxpL

“Brain freeze” was published for World Book Day and I am more than glad Tom decided to participate by sharing with us this utterly cute story about a small girl called Izzy who accidentally discovers one night that eating ice cream from her grandpa’s old ice cream van gives her the power to travel through time.

Doesn’t this sound absolutely amazing?

She literally gives herself brain freezes by eating straight from the tap and goes on crazy adventures through time. She even makes a stop in Ancient Egypt where Tutankhamun buys a cone from her. After realising the immense powers she has acquired, she decides to go back in time to visit someone important for the last time.

“Brain freeze” is a funny, heartwarming story which I fully recommend. You won’t regret it!

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Blogmas #16: End of Year Book Tag



I know it’s a day late but I’ve been feeling really sick these past two days and I just couldn’t gather strength to sit and write a blog post. However, I am still determined to write them all so I guess they’ll just come a day later.

Ariel Bisset created this bookish tag so we can reflect on 2017 and maybe start the new one with a kick! Let’s get started with the questions.

Question #1: Are there any books you started this year you need to finish? 

My Christmas read for this December was “Hundred and one dalmatians” so that’s the only book I’ve started on purpose and really want to finish. It’s a short read though and I am sure I’ll read it before 2017 ends.

Question #2: Do you have an autumnal book to transition to the end of the year?Cuf5IkrW8AApHbB

I start reading Christmas book at the end of November and they put me in a holiday mood. This year “The Christmasaurus” by Tom Fletcher was my ultimate favourite. If you want to learn more about it, you can read my review here.

Question #3: Is there a new release you’re still waiting for?

To be honest, I am not a huge fan of new releases because I just don’t get the hype. I don’t mind waiting for books as I know I’ll eventually buy them. An exciting new release, however, is the new comics collection by Sarah Andersen – read review

Question #4: What are three books you want to read before the end of the year?

I am currently reading “Confess” and this is actually my very first Colleen Hoover book I am reading. We’ll see how it goes. “Furthermore” and “Monstress vol.2” are two fantasy books I really want to read before the end of the year because I am in a huge fantasy mood right now.

BeFunky Collage

Question #5: Is there a book that you think could still shock you and become your favourite?5c8aee7700c2d1de7156c72b631e1524

I am really excited to read Fredrik Backman’s new novella – “The deal of a lifetime”. His previous one was absolutely stunning and it even made me cry so I want to see what he has created this time.

Question #6: Have you already made reading plans for 2018?

Next year I don’t really want to set up a big reading challenge because it makes me feel under pressure and stressed whether I am reading enough. So 2018 will be the year of relaxed and slow reading. Quality over quantity.

What are your reading plans for next year? I tag everyone who feels like doing it. Just don’t forget to leave me a link when you’ve done it so I can read it.

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Blogmas #15: Herding cats by Sarah Andersen [Book Review]

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Now that I am not busy with university work I have more time to read for pleasure but the past couple of days were actually spent catching up on YouTube videos. I don’t regret it at all because there were so many great ones!

Yesterday while I was browsing in NetGalley, which is a website where you can request advanced reader copies of books, I almost screamed when I saw that Sarah’s publishing a new book. Ahhhhh! I didn’t even know she was planning to so imagine my surprise and delight! I immediately requested it and read it as soon as I got it. So today I want to share with you my thoughts and why I think Sarah deserves your attention.


Sarah is a cartoonist and illustrator from Brooklyn and this is her third collection of comics which is considered to be semi-autobiographical. Her spot-on illustrations depict the growing pains that occur on your way into adulthood. As she has previously demonstrated, adulthood is a myth that’s both difficult to find and attain if you ever have the chance to stumble upon it.


She makes struggles like walking up early in the morning, following weird fashion trends, being productive and navigating social situations so real and relatable that you will definitely recognise yourself in many of the comic strips. Short, entertaining and hilarious, Sarah’s comics have the magical ability to always make you smile and not take yourself so seriously because after all none of us know what they’re doing. Life’s just bizarre.


The book also comes with a small section towards the end which focuses on artists and their daily struggles. Sarah provides great advice on how to be more confident and fight internet trolls. Your work matters and you shouldn’t be afraid to be proud of it.

The collection will be published on the 27th of March 2018 and I strongly recommend you pick it up because it’s absolutely stunning!

Smiles and pandas,


Blogmas #14: 3 Reasons to read The Walking Dead


How are you today? It’s really sunny today in Bulgaria but I have such horrible cramps that I can barely stand them. It’s sad because we have this book fair in our capital right now and I want to go so badly as the publishers are having great offers but oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

In today’s post I want to tell you why I think you should give “The Walking dead” a chance!

Reason #1: The characters

There are so many characters in the story and it’s a bit of a shock in the beginning but their personalities are so well developed that after a couple of pages you already feel close to them. They feel so real and authentic that it’s almost impossible not to sympathise them or suffer with them. In a weird way you become part of their family which I promise you it’s a great one to be part of.

Reason #2: Realistic story

When I say that the story is realistic, I really mean it. Zombies might be the fruit of crazy science fiction but it is actually possible for a similar virus to get out of control and infect millions of people leaving them dead inside. Viruses are constantly evolving at worrying rates and the scariest thing is they are not something we can kill like bacteria for example. They are immune to all human weapons and annoyingly adaptive. Chances are that at some point in the future there will be a disastrous outbreak of some highly contagious and deadly virus which will impact humanity in God knows what ways.

Reason #3: More than just zombies

If I have to be completely honest with you, I was 100% sure I wasn’t going to like “The Walking dead”. My logic was that zombies are stupid and it’s a waste of money to make a whole series about them. Oh boy was I wrong. The comics are not about zombies at all. They are used as a background, something that puts the story into context, but the main plot of the series revolves around humans. The comics are not about death, despite definitely sounding like that. On the contrary, they are about life and all the ups and downs every human being goes through. It’s such a humane story that I was left crying numerous times not because someone died but because someone fought and persevered.

I really hope I managed to intrigue you and you’ll be willing to give “The Walking dead” a chance. Let me know what you think if you’ve read it.

Smiles and pandas,




Как сте? Днес времето в София е толкова слънчево и приятно за разходка, но аз имам ужасни болки в стомаха и излизането просто няма как да се случи. Тъжното е, че много ми се ходи на Панаира на книгата, но явно ще е друг ден.

В днешната публикация искам да ви дам моите 3 причини, поради които смятам, че трябва да дадете шанс на „Живити мъртви“.

product_470Причина #1: Героите

Има страшно много герои, което е малко стряскащо в началото, но след няколко страници се свиква, защото самите им самоличности са изключително добре развити. Много бързо започвате да ги чувствате близки, почти сякаш ставате част от тяхното семейство, а няма да ви лъжа, то наистина е страхотно!

Причина #2: Реалистична история

Когато казвам, че историята е реалистична, наистина имам това в предвид. Зомбитата може и да са плод на научната фантастика или фентъзи, но всъщност наистина е възможно подобен вирус да излезне извън контрол и да инфектира милиони хора, оставяйки ги буквално вегетиращи. Вирусите постоянно еволюират със стряскащи скорости и най-притеснителното нещо е, че те не могат да бъдат унищожени като бактериите например. Те са имунизирани срещу всички човешки оръжия и са досадно адаптивни. Има огромен шанс в някакъв момент от бъдещето да избухне унищожителна епидемия, която да афектира човечеството по незнайни начини.

Причина #3: Не просто зомбита

Ако трябва да съм напълно честна с вас, бях на 100% сигурна, че „Живите мъртви“ няма да ми харесат. Зомбитата ми се струваха много тъпа идея и пълна загуба на ресурси като се има предвид колко е дълга поредицата. Да, ама не! Комиксите въобще не са за зомбита. Те са по-скоро някакъв фон, нещо, което просто поставя контекст на самата история, но главните събития се въртят около хората. „Живите мъртви“ не разказва за смъртта макар и определено да звучи така. Напротив, разказва за живота и всички негови перипетии, през които всеки един човек преминава. Това е една от най-хуманните истории, които съм чела, и мога да потвърдя, че многократно ме е разплаквала не защото някой е умрял, а защото някой се е борил и е дал всичко от себе си, за да оцелее.

Силно се надявам да съм ви заинтригувала и ще дадете шанс на комиксите. Споделете ми дали сте ги чели и ако да, то дали са ви харесали.

Усмивки и панди,


Blogmas #13: Favourite graphic novels I read in 2017



I can’t believe I’ve been doing Blogmas for 13 days already! I am halfway there. Yaaaay. I am going to be so proud if I manage to write posts for every single day until the 25th. Wish me luck!

I am a huge fan of comics and graphic novels. To be honest, I didn’t read much of them as a kid, apart from Mickey Mouse’s comics and W.i.t.c.h which I still love with all my heart. I entered the world of graphic novels when I moved to Scotland because they are a lot more popular there than in my home country – Bulgaria. That was 6 years ago and I haven’t stopped reading comics ever since. That’s why today I wanted to share with you the best ones I read this year!


Anne is one of my all time favourite characters because she’s so lively, enthusiastic, imaginative and sassy. She’s just so much fun to read about and when I learned there was going to be e graphic novel I actually screamed. The adaptation is amazing and the illustrations are absolutely stunning. The colour palette is very soft and earthy and it represents Canada’s national parks so well! Strongly recommend it if you like Anne’s story and adventures.






“Quiet girl in a noisy world” is basically me in a book! I recognised myself so many times while reading it and it definitely made me feel less alone in some of my everyday struggles. If you are an introvert like me and like spending your time reading books and drinking tea instead of communicating with people, then this graphic novel is the perfect read for you!





Sarah never disappoints! I read her first collection “Adulthood is a myth” last year and it quickly became one of my all time favourite books! Her sense of humor is so hilarious and down to Earth that I am sure a lot of people would relate to the situations she mentions in her book. “Big mushy happy lump” is a bit more serious and honest as she talks about her mental health struggles and how she deals with them. Personally, I really enjoyed how open she was and I am glad I got to know her better.




“Monstress” is hands down one of the best graphic novels I’ve read in my life so far. It has stunning illustrations which literally manage to bring the story to life in such a vivid and authentic way. The comics actually read like a real novel as the plot and the characters are so well developed. It is inspired by Asian legends and tells the reader about a matriarchal society which rules the world. There are humans, monsters and something in between. Highly recommend it for people who enjoy reading fantasy books.




And finally – “The Walking dead”! If I have to be completely honest, I really thought I wasn’t going to like this series. Zombies sounded so dumb and plain to me. Oh well, I was proved wrong. I watched the show first and then read the comics which I usually don’t do but I don’t think I made a mistake in this case. Both were absolutely amazing and I fell head over heels in love. If you are not sure whether to give the comics a go, please do! I promise you, it’s about a lot more than just zombies!



Let me know which are your favourite comics or graphic novels as I am always looking for recommendations.

Smiles and pandas,


Blogmas #11: Favourite Booktubers



I was so tired last night to write a post which I am so sorry about but I don’t want to miss a day so I am writing now on the 12th. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite English speaking booktubers who always manage to make me smile.

Basically Britt

Britt is a cute and smiley girl from the Netherlands who talks about books and some other topics. I love how positive and authentic she is and the fact that we both share a huge obsession over Harry Potter.

Ariel Bisset

I have been following Ariel for a couple of years and I’ve never been disappointed. She is so creative and original. Moreover, she often reads non-popular books which adds a certain degree of freshness on booktube as most people read mainly famous or recently published books.

Hailey in Bookland

Hailey is such a sweetheart! It is amazing how strict and organized she is with her channel. I wish I had this level of organisation. She published weekly videos and some of my favourites are her reading vlogs where she shares a lot from her everyday life. She’ll be doing Bookmas soon and I am beyond excited!


Ahhh, Naya is the human form of a puppy! She’s so enthusiastic, smiley, positive and funny that it’s difficult not to like her. She recharges me every time I watch her videos and I am so thankful for that.


Dana is most definitely my favourite booktuber. We are so similar in many aspects and I feel like she’s more of a friend than someone I just watch from time to time. I love her authenticity and calm presence. She manages to ground me and remind me to take life easy. Strongly recommend her channel.

I have so many other booktubers who I watch regularly so I am thinking of doing a second part to this post. Let me know who are your favourite booktubers as I am always looking for recommendations.

Smiles and pandas,


Blogmas #10: The sun is also a star by Nicola Yoon [Book Review]



How are you? I am finally done with my lab reports! Yaaaaaay! I honestly can’t believe it. I’ve been writing them for the past a couple of weeks and it was just too much. Now, I’ll spend my time reading, watching YouTube and playing with our dog.

Today I wanted to tell you about a book I read in the summer and absolutely fell in love with.

The sun is also a star

Natasha is a pragmatic girl who does not believe in things like fate, destiny or soul mates. She firmly believes in science and facts. That’s what rules the world. Logic not blind love. Unfortunately, her structured and logical world is falling apart. Twelve hours is the only thing that sands between her family and deportation. Living back in Jamaica is not how she imagined her life to be. She had plans for the futures. Now she only has … hope. And she’s not hope’s biggest fan.

Daniel is on the other end of the spectrum. He believes in love at first sight and finding your soulmate in the most unexpected places. He dreams even before breakfast and never forgets that there is sunshine after the rain. A fearless dreamer. A romantic poet. He’s everything Natasha would stay away from.

Fate has other plans though. She brings them together only hours before Natasha’s deportation and lets the unexpected happen.

“The sun is also a star” is a story about the importance of letting your guard down. About believing in someone else’s truth. About diving head first into the things that scare you the most. About love in a hopeless place.

I read it in a day! That’s how much I loved it. I really enjoyed the fact that the whole plot happens in less than 24 hours because I haven’t read any other books like that. The juxtaposition of the two main characters was just so cute and funny! They made me laugh, smile and cry. I even felt like they became my friends.

If you like cute romance stories, then definitely give it a go.

Smiles and pandas,




Как сте? Аз най-после завърших лабораторните си репорти. Йеееей! Направо не мога да повярвам. Пишех ги няколко седмици и вече започваше да ми писва. Сега ще си чета книжки, ще гледам клипчета и ще си играя с кученцето ни.

Днес исках да ви разкажа за една книга, която прочетох през лятото и много обикнах.

„Слънцето също е звезда“

Наташа е прагматично момиче, което не вярва в неща като съдбата и сродните души. Тя твърдо защитава науката и фактите. Все пак това върти света ни. Логиката, а не сляпата любов. За съжаление, нейният структуриран и логичен свят започва да се разпада. 12 часа са единственото нещо, което дели семейството й от депортация. Ямайка не е мястото, където си е представяла, че ще прекара остатъка от живота си. Плановете й за бъдещето са съвсем други. Сега й е останала само … надеждата, а те не са първи приятелки с нея.

Даниел е в другия край на спектъра. Той вярва в любовта от пръв поглед и намирането на твоята сродна душа на най-неочакваните места. Той мечтае още преди да е закусил и никога не забравя, че след всяка бура има дъга. Безстрашен мечтател. Романтичен поет. Той е всичко, от което Наташа се опитва да стои максимално далече.

Съдбата обаче има напълно различни планове. Тя ги събира заедно едва часове преди депортацията на Наташа и оставя неочакваното да се случи.

„Слънцето също е звезда“ е история за важността на това да сваляш гарда си. За вярата в нечия друга истина. За гмуркането с главата надолу в нещата, които те плашат най-много. За намирането на любовта дори когато е безнадеждно.

Аз я прочетох за ден! Толкова много я харесах! Наистина ми допадна, че самата история се случва за по-малко от 24 часа, тъй като не съм чела други подобни книги. Противопоставянето на двамата главни героя беше толкова сладко и забавно. Накараха ме да се смея, усмихвам и плача. Дори се чувствах сякаш сме станали приятели.

Ако си падате по сладки романтични истории, то определено опитайте тази.

Усмивки и панди,